Currently there are many non-surgical options, such as suspension threads, fillers, botox, lipofilling, peeling, etc, to alleviate the signs of aging on your face, but the facelift is still the only way to eliminate abundant loose and sagging skin.

Among all the options, the facelift is that of longest duration.
The aim  of the face-lifting is not to change the patient's physionomy, but above all to lift and reposition the skin and the underlying tissues and to remove any excess of skin, to achieve a more youthful appearance. There is a wide range of names referring to different types of surgical incisions (es.MacsLift, SoftLift, S-Lift, etc.). The length of the scars still depends on the amount of patient' skin in  excess. In any case, the muscle-fascial layer (SMAS) must also be repositioned to obtain a lasting result.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia except in procedures of smaller entity, in those is sufficient local anesthesia combined with sedation.  The postoperative hospital stay is of one day in the complete procedures. During the first days the patient will present a slight swelling, the area around the incision must be cooled with ice, rest is recommended.  The sutures are removed after 7 - 10 days. The patient will be socially acceptable after 10-14 days. The scars are usually incospicuous.

Quick Info

surgery 3 hours

general anaesthesia or half sleep

socially acceptable after 10-14 days

incospicuous scars
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